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January 7, 2014

10 Beautiful Examples of Flat Web Design

10 Beautiful Examples of Flat Web Design

Flat web design has taken quite the hold of the online design world. Seeing a website free of over-the-top gradients, bevels, and drop-shadows has been a breath of fresh air for most people, and understandably so. Without those design distractions, the focus shifts to the content. That means a flat website is easier to navigate, easier to read, and faster to load – and let’s not forget that a flat website lends itself really well to responsive design.

You can find flat web design inspiration all over the internet, but I’m going to share with you some of the ones that have caught my eye!

1. Etch
This site also belongs in my last blog post about grid-based website layouts! The flat, grid-based design does a great job of making the content pop. The text is easy to read and the images stand out just for what they are. Beautiful!


2. Foundation
The flat design is apparent here, but I love how they are able to include some dimension as well. Not to mention, their mascot is great!


3. Pixel Plant
While this isn’t the most beautiful example, I think Pixel Plant does a good job at quickly explaining what they do and then guiding users to sign up.


This is a good example of how flat design can make a website appear more personable and honest. You don’t notice the flat design – you notice the quite and the large photo of a real person. Well done.


This website uses flat design along with realistic images of their products on computers and iPhones. The flat design allows those product images to have all the focus.


6. Geckoboard
Similar to FHOKE, the product images here are the focus. I also really like the flat icons below the main image – they’re noticeable but don’t speak too loud.


7. Sam Markiewi
If you visit one site on this list, make it this one! Not only is the flat design gorgeous, but it’s interactive as well. A great site overall.


8. FitBit
Another example of the emphasis on the product. I think Fitbit also did a wonderful job of adding some personality to the site – the details really make it.


9. TriplAgent
Normally, I am not a fan of navigation on the side of the page, but TriplAgent pulls it off. Also, when you roll over those navigation items, they have a 3-D cube effect. I love when flat design can have that kind of dimension.


10. Nextr
Do you see a theme yet? Yep. Product is the focus. They also have a lot of detail and dimension in the flat design which adds a nice, custom look.



What do you think about flat web design? Do you have any favorites?