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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
October 23, 2015

25 Ways You Know It’s Time For a New Website

25 Ways You Know It’s Time For a New Website

How do you know it’s time for a website redesign?  Sometimes, the reasons are clear.

1. You purposely leave your web address off of marketing material.
2. Smartphones didn’t exist when your current website was built.
3. The employees that helped build your website no longer work here.
4. Animated GIFs.


5. Even the old folks in management realize it might be time to consider a new design.
6. The only dynamic content on your website is the weather forecast on the sidebar.
7. It’s easier to build a model airplane than navigate your website’s menu.
8. You don’t even sell those products anymore.

9. That auto-playing music in the background is no longer enjoyable to listen to.
10. You have no idea who receives the contact form inquiry emails.
11. Your site makes you wonder, “Were screen resolutions really that small before?”
12. The ex-marketing person’s neighbor’s cousin is no longer around to help make updates.
13. The color scheme looks like it was decided by a Kindergarten art class.


14. Prospective customers question whether or not you are still in business, and if somebody just forgot to take the website down.
15. More animated GIFs.
16. A visitor counter is proudly displayed at the bottom of every page.

17. “Optimized for Internet Explorer.”
18. Your design philosophy of the site is built strictly around tables with visible dividers.
19. The competition is not worried about your online marketing presence hurting their sales.
20. Who is supposed to view these images? Ants?!
21. The design doesn’t include a link to your corporate Twitter account… because Twitter didn’t exist back then.
22. Who needs webpages with information when you have downloadable PDFs for everything?

23. “My home’s value is going up so fast, and will keep going up forever!” your co-workers excitedly proclaimed when your website was being built.
24. Your sales team actively discourages prospects to go to your website for more information.
25. You have to keep telling your marketing manager, “If you love it, set it free.”