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5 Ways To Think Like Your Customer

July 09, 2019

Content is more important than ever. If your content does not align with your audience’s search terms, your website will not rank. If your content does not align with your audience’s needs and wants, they will leave the website.

The solution? Think like your customer!

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Tip 1: Be A Problem Solver

Rather than focusing on the technicalities of your product or service, take a step back and consider the problems or challenges you are solving for your customers. This will provide a “real world” perspective of the buyer’s journey along with the benefits received by your customers.

Tip 2: Recognize FAQs

More often than not, your sales and support team will hear many of the same questions. Learning about what these questions are and how they are addressed will help you identify any information gaps in the current content or buyer’s journey.

Tip 3: Define Industry Jargon

It can be easy to rely on the same speech patterns when writing copy as you do within your organization. Identifying industry or organizational terms that do not resonate with your target audience will be important.

Tip 4: Define Motivations

When it comes to reading content, there is always an underlying motivation for taking the time to do so. Determining what those motivations are will help you write content that supports your audience’s goals by being relevant and helpful.

Tip 5: Research Search Terms

Google Search Console allows you to view the search terms your website is being found for. This insight will help you understand what queries your website is ranking for and what terms you might be missing out on. You can then utilize Keywords Everywhere to test out other queries and determine whether or not they make sense for you to target.

What’s Next?

I am pleased to announce, you are now ready to start writing FOR your customer! Here are 4 content changes you can start making to your website TODAY in order to better align your website content with your target audience’s needs and wants.


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