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Madison, Wisconsin
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June 14, 2013

7 Tips On Email Campaigns. And A Bonus Link!

7 Tips On Email Campaigns. And A Bonus Link!

We all want to have awesome email campaigns with high open and click rates but it’s no easy task. Here are some tips that could help you, and if you make it to the end.. you’ll see a pretty  BONUS link to go get inspired for your next send!

1 – Regularity  Is Key

We have all been there, we make an effort become persistant with new goals only to get caught up in the normal busy activities of daily life. Email campaigns are no different, however by not sending regularly, your customers will forget, become disengaged and start to wonder why the are receiving these emails. Even worse, they will spam or unsubscribe from your email all together.  Sending out emails regularly is the key.

How often emails are sent really depend on the campaign, content and each business’s customer base. We recommend 1-2 a month as too often will lead to annoyance and unsubscribing.

2 – Test Your Subject Lines

It’s a chicken and egg situation, but not really. Often when email campaigns are sent, much attention is spent on the content and layout, however before a customer opens an email campaign, they will often decide based off its subject line. Yes, you need good content, but it is just as true that you have a catchy subject line.

The best part is that you can test your subject lines. Break down your email list into one main group and then a couple of small groups of randomly selected people. The day before the actual send, test different subject lines to the smaller groups and you will often be amazed by the difference in open and response rates, with many times not being what you would expect. Try it out, we do it all the time!

3 – Actively Seek New Contacts

Wondering why your email campaign may not be as effective as before? In the digital world everything moves faster, which is why your email lists will quickly become dated. So always be actively seeking new subscribers.

4 – Be Exclusive

Would someone want to sign up for your email campaign only to hear what you posted, facebooked, and tweeted once again? Probably not. So since they are part of your email list give them something they can’t get elsewhere, content, deals, videos, freebies, inside information, special access to parts of your website… you name it. Make it an exclusive club people want to be a part of and you’ll have no problem with retaining your subscribers. People love to feel special!

5 – Test Email Clients

So you’re going to send out an email campaign and you’re just going to use one of those email templates or one you built.. think again. Many of the email templates available don’t display correctly in many email clients like Outlook or yahoo even though many advertise that they do. That’s why it is important to have a development team test out your email and work out the quirks, and thats exactly what we do. I mean nobody wants a broken email just like no one would like a lawn mower, shredded pizza flyer.

6 – Set An Action

If your customers are taking the time to open an email, it would also be good to have them take an action right then and there before they forget. Offer a call to action like view this limited deal, or visit this specific webpage before it expires. This way you’ll have an instant lead and a beautiful click through rate!

7 – Provide Options To Share

Many times an email is perfect, just not to the person it is sent too. Offer them many ways to share an online version of the email to friends and co-workers via facebook, twitter, linkedin, forwarding and etc. Better yet, also offer a way to sign up for emails on that page for newcomers. Now email just became much more effective and maybe you’ll get some new subscribers because of it!


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