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February 15, 2013

8 of My Favorite Google Web Fonts

8 of My Favorite Google Web Fonts

Web fonts are the best thing to come into my world since sliced bread. Well, sliced bread happened way before my time, but still. When I was studying to be a web designer, the restriction of font use was an unfortunate thing to deal with. You had your pick of Arial, Georgia, Verdana, or Times. Now, with services like TypeKit and Google Web Fonts, you can have your pick of thousands of fonts. Today I’m showing you my favorite Google Web Fonts. The best part of Google Web Fonts? They’re totally free!



Dancing Script





I love Dancing Script because it’s graceful and fun at the same time! Each character is so well done and I can’t help but be happy when I look at it.







Montez looks to me like a typeface that belongs in a fantasy novel. Maybe as the handwriting of a witch writing down her spell. No? Ok. In any case, I really like the “swoopy” and pointy features of Montez.



Fredericka the Great





This typeface has a sketchy quality to it that I love. I think it’s interesting that at first glance, it seems like the kind of font that would only fit a certain niche. However, I think—if given a chance—it could be much more versatile.


Nixie One





Oh, Nixie One, how I love you. I wish this typeface had more styles available, but that’s alright. Nixie One is dainty, friendly and professional.



Source Sans Pro





I think Source Sans Pro is like the new Arial – in a good way. I only show 3 styles here, but there are much more available. This typeface is perfect for anything – body text, headlines, etc. This is one of my personal go-to typefaces in all my web designs.







Signika has a lovely, subtle rounded appearance that gives it a lot of character. It’s very friendly and approachable which makes it great for all sorts of industries. I haven’t actually used this one yet, but I’m looking forward to when I do.








To all you type nerds out there – is there nothing better than a great slab serif typeface? I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. It makes me happy that I can use a slab serif typeface on the web. So, so happy.







Last but not least – Lora. Lora is a great typeface because it feels traditional and contemporary at the same time. Maybe that’s because to me, most serif typefaces have a traditional feel. I think the wide letters and the circular feel add the contemporary feeling.


What do you think? I hope you like these web fonts, too. What are your favorites? Share them in the comments!