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Madison, Wisconsin
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April 23, 2019

9 Ways to Earn More Backlinks to Your Website

9 Ways to Earn More Backlinks to Your Website

In the SEO world, backlinks, or links from other websites to your website, are a key component of ranking well. In addition to having good content on your website, backlinks tell search engines like Google that your website has valuable content.

Building backlinks is an important part of any good SEO strategy. But unlike creating content, backlinks are something that you must earn. Other websites must have a reason to link to your content.

Here are 9 ways to earn more backlinks to your website.

  1. How-To Articles – We often recommend that our clients incorporate “how-to” content posts on their blog. These articles tend to earn backlinks from other websites, and they often feature keywords with higher search volume.
  2. Summary of Topic Articles – Providing an overview on an industry-specific topic can be a great idea for a blog post. A well-written summary post can easily earn backlinks, as other websites can reference your content as an informational resource.
  3. Sponsorships – Take full advantage of any sponsorship in which your business is involved. Request that the organization you donate to provide a link back to your website. Sometimes this can be in a “sponsors” section on their page, or elsewhere through promotional content.
  4. Original Research Reports – Positioning your brand as experts in your industry through original research can also earn you backlinks. If you publish content that has data and/or reports based on your research, other websites may link to you as a statistical reference.
  5. Partner Content – If you have partnerships with other businesses, offering to partner on content can be a great way to gain visibility and cross-link your websites. I’ve seen this done well with on-blog interviews and guest content, using a partner for an “ask the expert” piece.
  6. White Papers – If you have technical or special knowledge on an industry issue, creating white papers can be impactful. If your content is thought-provoking, other websites may link to your white paper.
  7. Directory Listings – Actively ensure that any directory your business is placed in has a link back to your website. This includes major sites like Google My Business or Angie’s List, but also applies to local sites like a chamber of commerce or community directory.
  8. Online Press Release – Publishing an online press release through a service like PRWeb will generate a handful of instant backlinks to your website. As publications pick up the release, any links in the press release itself will be republished on their website.
  9. Community Websites – You should actively be involved on industry-specific community websites; answering questions and sharing links back to your content when appropriate. These sites can include forums, portfolio sites, industry news, etc.