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we are an experienced full-service website design & development company
How do you pronounce your name?:
It rhymes with harmonica, opposite of off-ika
What’s a trend you swore you’d never hop on, but eventually did?:
Socks with Birkenstocks. Comfort is key
What movie have you seen the most?:
Probably the 1990s Addams Family movies


Web Designer

Annika is an award-winning designer who’s many passions lead her to Web Design. During her time at UW-Madison and Madison Area Technical College (where she graduated with a degree in Web & Digital Media Design), she studied an eclectic mix of subjects before finding the perfect fit. She loves that as a web designer you get to temporarily become an expert in many fields and use both the creative and critical thinking parts of your brain to find solutions for clients.

When she’s not behind a computer screen, Annika enjoys spending time outdoors (especially with her golden retriever, Dempsey), seeing live music, thrift shopping, making jewelry, and hanging out with her niece and nephews.