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we are an experienced full-service website design & development company
If you won the lotto what would you do?:
Build our dream home but always stay thrifty and frugal.
Who’s your favorite X-Men?:
Magneto, because like how do magnets even work?!
Favorite thing about living in Madison so far…:
It feels like home already because Madison has a big city heart with small town vibes.


Web Developer

Timothy originally hails from the Mitten State (the real hand map state) and more specifically, Metro Detroit. Tim grew up fascinated in art and animation. He has a multimedia degree, with a focus in illustration and 3D imaging. Later in life he found a passion for coding and switched his career path to web development. Tim loves collaborating with the team to create dynamic and functional websites for clients with a focus on a smooth user experience.

Since moving to Madison, Timothy is captivated by the city. He enjoys finding new nooks in and around Madison to explore. In his free time you might find him starting a new project at the bodgery, looking for the best thrift shops and trying new restaurants. He’ll try any food twice. Timothy is always learning and believes that a life well spent is a life spent staying creative.