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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
February 28, 2017

Award Winning Websites Come From Amazing Clients

Award Winning Websites Come From Amazing Clients

The Powderkeg team recently attended the 2017 Addy Awards held in Madison, WI. Each year marketing and advertising groups submit their best work to be judged by regional judges also in the industry. This year Powderkeg was fortunate enough to walk away with 19 Addy Awards for Website Design, User Experience, Navigation, Responsive Design and Website Apps!

It is impossible to create award winning websites without amazing clients. Building a website is a very collaborative process. Yes, the design team knows what they are doing but they need to feed off of the client. Clients also need to be willing to take and trust professional direction when offered. There is no doubt the relationship between design team and clients can make or break a website.

At Powderkeg we hold ourselves to a very high standard and strive to make all of our website designs become award winning. It is a process that starts with proper planning, discovery with the client, collaboration throughout design and careful, efficient, clean coding to make everything work. We take great pride in our work and are very excited to look back on 2017 at next years Addy Awards.

Thank you to all of our clients that helped make 2016 such a great year!

2016 Winning Websites:

Powderkeg Christmas-fy Yourself
CEA Interactive Holiday Card
Patio Pleasures
Autumn Moon
Harker Heating
Kelly Moss

Full List Of Results: American Advertising Awards

Dylan Thompson

Dylan Thompson