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Blind Man Drives Google’s Self Driving Car

May 03, 2013

Google shows off its self driving car in one of the hardest ways it can, with a blind man at the wheel (95% blind). The technology they have been developing since 2010 was ready to show off in this video Google posted last year. The possibilities of this technology are incredible, giving new opportunity to people who never before would have the chance to enjoy the freedom of a car, and help enhance the safety for those who already do. I am really excited to see how this technology is advanced, tested and released into the public.

The car itself is an amazing piece of technology and takes in a tremendous amount of data. Today they tweeted out an image that shows the incredible amount of data the car sees as it makes a turn.

google car

Currently Google is also using these cars on their campus to get around from building to building. Sleeping on the way to work to get that extra 5 minutes could be an actual possibility! Google owner, Larry Page, was recently on the Colbert Report talking about his excitement for this technology, which prompted me to look it up.

Check it out! What do you think?



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