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Madison, Wisconsin
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June 25, 2019

Client Success Story: Ranking #1 On Google

Client Success Story: Ranking #1 On Google

If you’re looking for blog inspiration, look no further. In just a 2 week time period, Neckerman Insurance has had over 4,000 pageviews from their blog alone.

One blog post in particular has been dominating the first page of Google for multiple months. For new car owners or prospects that may be wondering if their most recent purchase is covered by insurance, a quick Google search would show Neckerman as providing the best answer.

In fact, Neckerman Insurance has even been used as Google’s featured snippet– which calls direct attention to a ranking website’s answer to the question being searched.

Tips For Well Ranking Posts

This is not an anomaly, but an ongoing trend. What is the secret to their success? I had the opportunity to interview their Marketing Manager, Megan, who gave us an inside look at their approach and shared tips for success.

Q: How do you brainstorm post ideas?

A lot of our ideas come from recent questions from customers. Our sales and service staff share these questions/comments with me and it sparks great blog ideas.

Q: Is there a certain organization/planning method you have found works best?

I don’t always follow a strict plan for when to post but I like to write timely articles. By knowing the main categories of content that are relevant to our prospects and customers, it is relatively easy to find something new to discuss.

Insurance is closely tied to the weather so I create a lot of content based on seasons and weather trends. For example, in March and April, we focus on flooding because of the increased chance of heavy rains.

Q: What helps you follow through on posting regularly?

We share monthly newsletters with our customers which forces us to have up-to-date content on our website and blog. That means we need new content each month or we will update old blog posts to make them timely.

Q: Do you promote your posts outside of them being found organically?

Outside of the monthly newsletter, we also share the posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Our staff does a great job of sharing pertinent articles to individual customers if it helps explain a particular insurance coverage in depth.

Q: Is blog writing limited to your marketing department, or is it a shared responsibility?

Blog writing is the responsibility of the marketing department but we encourage our sales staff to create “guest blogs.” This allows them to be an “expert” in the topic they choose while also helping get their name out to more people.

4 Key Takeaways For Blog Success

This success story goes to show that spending a couple of hours gathering ideas and writing content for your blog goes a long way. After talking with Megan, there seem to be a couple of key ingredients to their recipe for success that you can also follow:

  1. Understand what your target audience is actually searching for/interested in when it comes to your industry.
  2. Post at least once a month.
  3. Share your blog content on other platforms (enewsletter, social media, direct follow-ups).
  4. Update posts that have been relevant in the past to be more timely today.

Big thanks to Megan for taking the time to share insight about their blogging process! It is always so exciting to see content marketing efforts pay off. If you have a success story you would like to share, let us know!

If you’re wondering why any of this matters or feel like blogging just wouldn’t be worth the effort, check out my post on why you should blog.