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Madison, Wisconsin
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July 18, 2016

Digital Marketing and SEO Blogs to Follow

Digital Marketing and SEO Blogs to Follow

The digital marketing world moves quickly. It was 9 years ago that the very first iPhone was released. Now, a majority of Google searches performed in the United States are done on a smartphone. Staying on top of what is happening in the realm of digital marketing takes diligence and and continued education.

Luckily there is a wealth of information being published regularly by those of us who live and breathe digital marketing. Below is a quick list of blogs and websites that are a great source for digital marketing related news.


Moz Blog – Moz is the maker of search analytics software and SEO tools. They have an active blog with their employees and outside contributors regularly posting insightful articles and news. Their posts range from more simple marketing related topics, to full-on technical posts.

Google Webmaster Blog – For obvious reasons, the Google Webmaster’s blog is a great source of information of what’s happening with Google’s search. They sometimes post updates about upcoming algorithm changes, however, a majority of their posts are tips for webmasters. Their posts tend to be more technical.

Search Engine Land – An excellent source of information for marketers with an SEO focus, the Search Engine Land blog is a more “news” like site for staying up-to-date with SEO changes. – More of a message board than it is a blog, is a collection of articles and discussion posts from inbound marketers across the world. It’s still relatively new, so the quality and quantity of content on the site can vary from day-to-day.

Powderkeg Blog – Who doesn’t like a little self promotion? Our PK team regularly posts to the blog on our website with articles relating to our industry. Because of the diversity of our team, you get a nice mix of design, development and marketing topics.