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How to Make Every Piece of Website Content Kick Butt and Literally Take Names

Thursday, January 18, 2018   |   10:00 am   |   Powderkeg Office

Is there a “big picture” behind the content you’re generating for your digital marketing efforts?  Greg Mischio of Winbound will show you how mapping a customer journey and then creating specific content for each stage helps you focus your efforts and maximize your time. The presentation will provide important (and actionable) metrics to track, as well as an innovative way to generate a reality-based customer persona. Plenty of visuals and how-tos to help you create content that achieves your goals and build your list of prospects and customers.  

About the Speaker

Greg Mischio

Greg Mischio

Greg Mischio is the Owner and Strategic Director of Winbound. Winbound provides an all-in-one content marketing and conversion optimization package specifically designed for small marketing departments. Check out their “Think Bigger” blog, filled with digital marketing wit and wisdom for small marketing departments. Twitter: @gregmischio


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