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August 4, 2022

Five Marketing Trends of 2022

Five Marketing Trends of 2022

As we pass the halfway point of 2022, let’s take a moment to review five major trends in marketing that are shaping the year.

By staying informed of recent developments, you will know where to focus your efforts in the months ahead to optimize your strategy. Keeping your online presence fresh and compelling can be vital to achieving your overall marketing goals.

1. Google invites you to EAT


Google is looking to create a positive experience to users by providing relevant results that can be consumed easily. Introduced in 2014, the concept of Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT) has elevated its status to being one of the most important ranking factors used today. Taking a closer look at each component, Google determines EAT by:

  •  The Expertise of the creator of the main content.
  •  The Authoritativeness of the creator of the main content, the main content itself, and the website.
  •  The Trustworthiness of the creator of the main content, the main content itself, and the website.

The challenge facing many people now is that these concepts can be subjective and difficult to measure. Developing your content with these three factors in mind can help guide your website visitors get the most from their interactions with your brand.

2. Short and Engaging Videography


Video is great way to offer an impactful experience when creating content. While longer format reels may offer a deeper dive into the subject at hand, short form video can grab and hold the ever-decreasing attention span associated with today’s audience.

Recently, Hubspot’s Marketing Trends of 2022 report stated short-form videos lead in usage by 58% and have the highest ROI and lead generation numbers. Video content is all formats has proven to be effective in terms of both performance and engagement.

3. AI and its influence on the future of SEO


Unless you have been living under a computer simulated rock, you’ve heard of the myriad of ways that AI will bring us all into the brave the new world. The realm of search engine optimization is bracing for impact, as artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze data at rates most humans cannot even imagine.

Harnessing the power of these new tools will be important in preparing for the future. Three of the major elements of this oncoming technological juggernaut are:

Natural language processing (NLP): Training computers to understand human language
Machine learning: Using data and algorithms to imitate how humans learn
Deep learning: Analyzing data within logical structures to imitate how humans draw conclusions

For a more in-depth look at this topic, check out the link here on the subject.

4. The Rise of the Zero Click Search


When someone conducts a Google search and gets their information from the results page, and does not click through to a website, this is what is known as a “zero click” search.

According to Spark Toro, around 65% of searches are zero-click searches. This is a great incentive to update your website with key info in the meta description including: NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number, Relevant Content, and Q&A content.

5. Inclusive Marking


For good reason, Inclusive Marking has moved from ‘Nice to Have’ status to ‘Must Complete’. It can be defined as marketing strategies, tactics and technologies that have a goal to create a sense of welcoming and belonging, often for members of demographic or societal groups considered underserved, marginalized, or legally protected.

When framing a target market, organizations are now casting a wider net that is not defined by previous ways of thinking.

For more information on Design Trends of 2022, check out the post from the Econoprint Team here.

Keeping up with what’s making waves in the world of marketing can be a challenge. Our goal is to help inspire you as you consider the look and feel of your digital presence moving through 2022.

John Ehrlinger

John Ehrlinger

Account Manager