Greetings, guests!  My name is Danielle, and I am officially the new kid on the block (sorry, no Marky-Mark) at Powderkeg Web Design.

My first few weeks as the new Account Coordinator has come and gone, and as you can imagine with any new position it has been a whirlwind! But no worries, the warm and inviting atmosphere of the office has made my transition a smooth one. The entire Powderkeg staff has been very welcoming and friendly. However, with my big brother on staff, I’m sure there will be many office pranks in the future! I am so excited to meet our clients to help them maintain and develop their sites into something that the neighbors will be jealous of.

Outside of this thing called work, my life revolves around school as I wrap up my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  Better late than never! Once I put down the text books, quality time with my fiance and our dog, Bosco at the park, and couch time with our cat, Gimli, definitely takes priority. Computers have never been foreign to me, but my experience has mostly been gaming and entertainment.  When it comes to programming, I am in awe at the skill that the Powderkeg team has. All of those lines of code are more intimidating than taking a final exam without studying!

Somehow with hard work, a little bit (actually a lot) of luck, and an out-of-the-box spirit, I have found my way to Powderkeg. So how exactly does someone like me with very… very little knowledge about coding or programing come to work for a web development company? Well, the term “those who can’t do, teach,” applies to this girl. My business background and years of experience working with clients has given me an ability to translate technical or complicated terms into English for us common folk. I may not be able to build a website, but I will make sure that the entire process is painless and easy to understand for our clients.

Good bye for now, friends!  I can’t wait to get to know you down the road as we work together. And don’t worry, I will leave programming up to the professionals  🙂