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Madison, Wisconsin
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August 2, 2013

Google Maps Updated

Google Maps Updated

Google recently rolled out a brand new, prettier version of Google Maps. A few of the highlights include:

  • Find local businesses easier
    Can’t decide where you’d like to go out for dinner tonight? Simply zoom in on the area you’d like to search in (downtown Madison for example) and just type in “Restaurants” (example). Google quickly fetches the results of nearby restaurants and displays them on your map with a few helpful keywords attached to each. You even have the option to display results based on review by top reviewers or even friends in your Google Plus circle.
  • 3D Imagery
    If your current browser and operating system supports it, you’ll be able to view in depth 3D views of your city (find out if your browser is supported)
  • Flights integrated with Directions
    In addition to driving, walking, biking, and transit (buses, trains, etc…), Google has integrated a fifth option for getting directions, Google Flights. Now you’ll be able to easily compare driving times with flight times and average cost. Here’s a quick example of traveling from Madison, WI to Miami, FL.
  • Photo Tours
    If Google detects that a large number of photos has been taken at a specific location, it will generate a photo tour of the area (most notably, famous landmarks). Check out this photo tour of the Grand Canyon.

I’m sure there are a bunch of other hidden features as well, try it out for yourself!

Matt Engelbregtsen

Matt Engelbregtsen

Technical Account Manager