Your Audience Will See You Now

Get a custom designed website that works well for all of audiences.

Health Care marketing takes a specialized skill set.  You often times have many stakeholders, complex services, and you are not active “selling”, as much as you are teaching and providing outreach to your audience.  Having a custom designed website to address your organization’s and audience’s needs plays an important role in your online strategy.

Our experience in designing health care websites ranges from small dental clinics, to large medical groups and hospitals.  Each approach we take with a client is tailored to who they are, and who their customers are. This individualized approach means that we can create a website that not only looks good, but is actually a unique tool that can be used by marketers to better reach their audience.

As you also know, once you have a completed website up and running, the marketing does not stop there. Creative campaigns with email, social media and website content is how you continue to make your facility a respected name brand in the area.  The Powderkeg team is always ready to help you with your next digital marketing effort.


Working with the team at Powderkeg is always a highlight in my day. They are always very responsive to our needs and communicate clearly while delivering on expected timeline milestones. Powderkeg seems to thrive on new challenges. In over 6 years of working closely with the PKI team, I’m always amazed with the superior work results they deliver.

Bob Johnston, MBA, CPHQ
Fort Healthcare