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Madison, Wisconsin
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November 21, 2016

Holiday Card Advice: What NOT To Do

Holiday Card Advice: What NOT To Do

Whether you are looking to send out a paper card, e-card, gift, or another holiday greeting, it’s important to stand out of the crowd.   However, be aware that not all ‘stand-out’ options will give you or your business the kind of attention you hoped for.  From our team to yours, here are a few notable things to avoid while putting together your personal or office holiday greetings.



Auto-playing music (loudly or difficult to mute)


If you would like to add music to give ambiance to your e-greeting, we recommend music playing softly, and have a easily visible mute or pause button



Non-work-friendly images/content (political, religious, sexual)


Although this is a pretty well-known rule, there always seems to be a few that go a little overboard.  What may be funny to a particular person or generation may not go over so well with others.  Universally friendly humor, classy images, winter themes are always safe and can still be used in a unique way without alienating or offending recipients.



Obnoxious add-ins


Make sure any ‘bells and whistles’ have a purpose.  Interactive components can be a great success when applied correctly for your client or recipient base.



Overly used, generic, or tacky images

Have you seen 100 of this same card before?


Avoiding obnoxious and potentially-offensive material can sometimes feel limiting.  However, try not to fall into the trap of boring or overly-used cards.  Custom designs and unique ideas will make you or your business stand out.  Also, it shows thought and care in your greeting, which can stand out for a client that may receive 50 other generic cards.



Including unnecessary or unwanted gifts.

We’re looking at you, fruit cake and self-help books!


Sending gifts with your greeting? Food is always popular, but beware of allergies! Try to avoid nuts or other common allergens.  Usually chocolates, fruit, or nut-free pastries are safe.  Sending e-cards? Try including an exclusive discount for your product/service, or partner with another vendor to offer something great.



No glitter or glitter bombs…  I repeat, NO glitter bombs!


If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, pop-up/interactive cards or metallic/bright papers will do the trick without making such a mess.



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