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Madison, Wisconsin
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April 3, 2020

How To Communicate To Customers During COVID-19

How To Communicate To Customers During COVID-19

A lot of things may feel uncertain right now. That means your customers are probably asking a lot of questions. Now more than ever, it is critical that you act as a resource for your customers. Whether that be keeping them posted on your hours or offered services, to being a full-on resource to help guide them through these challenging times. Below you will find examples of how other organizations are using digital marketing to successfully stay connected with their customers.

Website Alert Banners

A great way to quickly communicate critical information to website visitors is to incorporate an alert banner. This can be set up to appear across your homepage or on all pages of your website. This method ensures that even if someone is not actively looking for COVID-19 related information, it will be seen. Here is a great example from the Agrace website, which makes it very clear actions are being taken to prioritize the safety and health of their community.

Screenshot of the Agrace website with a red alert banner.

Landing Pages

A simple way to provide more details about your organization and how customers can continue to find support during these times would be to set up a landing page. Ixonia Bank, shown below, has a landing page set up that provides tips on community safety, current banking options, and other helpful tips. You can then direct people to this landing page via Homepage callouts, social media posts, emails, or really any other platform.

Screenshot of the Ixonia Bank COVID landing page.Screenshot of body copy on the Ixonia Landing Page

Resource Libraries

Resource libraries are a great way to organize documents, videos, articles, and more all in a centralized location. Creating a filterable section of your existing resource library for COVID-19 specific resources would be a great way to leverage your website as a support hub. Bluetree demonstrates this on their website, sharing helpful resources for each customer segment!

Landing page for Bluetree's COVID resource library


Screenshot of some of Bluetree's COVID resources


eNewsletters can be a great communication tool whether you have multiple customer segments and need to tailor your message accordingly, or are simply looking for a way to directly reach your audience. Depending on how your email platform is set up, it would be ideal to create new segments for your COVID-19 specific campaigns. This way, people can opt out of these communications while still staying subscribed to your regular content. Here is an example of our most recent eNewsletter, acting as a resource for digital marketers looking for tips on how to market during times of uncertainty.

Screenshot of Powderkeg's COVID email newsletter

Blog Posts

With your blog being a regular resource for recent news and industry insights, many customers may check here for COVID-19 related information. This can also be a great way to address very specific topics on your website and then share these links on your other digital marketing platforms. Wind River has been leveraging their blog for this use lately.

Screenshot of the latest Wind River blog posts.

Social Media Posts

As already mentioned a couple times throughout this post, social media can be a great way to communicate with your customers during this time. Any COVID-19 specific content or resources living on your website could make a great social media post, introducing the topic and linking back to the website for more details. Social media posts can also stand on their own, showcasing quick tips, company updates, or more lighthearted posts (like pictures of your team working remotely).

Screenshot of Neckerman social media post