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How To Generate a Google Maps API Key

February 14, 2019

Google has recently enforced their new requirement to have billing information on file in order to use their Google Maps API on your website. This is a bit annoying but it is pretty simple to get this done. 99.9999% of websites will never be charged for since Google issues a $200 usage credit each month (at least for now), but it is still required.

Step 1: After logging in, please visit the following URL and fill in your billing information:

Step 2: Go to the API dashboard at the following URL:

Step 3: Click on the create new project dropdown at the top

Step 4: Give the project a name ( doesn’t matter what it is called )

Step 5: At the next screen click on the “+ Enable APIS and Services” link towards the top

Step 6: Search for “Static maps”, then click on the square and then on “enable”

Step 7: Once enabled you can go back to the Credentials menu item on the left and hit the “Create credentials” dropdown and select “API Key”

Step 8: A key will be generated. Make sure to click “Restrict Key”, scroll down to “application restrictions”, select http referrers, and enter “https://**” in the field that appears

Step 9: Save that and you should be good.


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