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February 14, 2019

How To Generate a Google Maps API Key

How To Generate a Google Maps API Key

Google has recently enforced their new requirement to have billing information on file in order to use their Google Maps API on your website. This is a bit annoying but it is pretty simple to get this done. 99.9999% of websites will never be charged for since Google issues a $200 usage credit each month (at least for now), but it is still required.

Step 1: After logging in, please visit the following URL and fill in your billing information:

Step 2: Go to the API dashboard at the following URL:

Step 3: Click on the create new project dropdown at the top

Step 4: Give the project a name ( doesn’t matter what it is called )

Step 5: At the next screen click on the “+ Enable APIS and Services” link towards the top

Step 6: Search for “Static maps”, then click on the square and then on “enable”

Step 7: Once enabled you can go back to the Credentials menu item on the left and hit the “Create credentials” dropdown and select “API Key”

Step 8: A key will be generated. Make sure to click “Restrict Key”, scroll down to “application restrictions”, select http referrers, and enter “https://**” in the field that appears

Step 9: Save that and you should be good.

Dylan Thompson

Dylan Thompson