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Madison, Wisconsin
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August 17, 2020

How to Leverage Your Company Website to Recruit Quality Talent

How to Leverage Your Company Website to Recruit Quality Talent

Your company’s website isn’t just for marketing and selling to new business. It’s also an important recruitment tool to help you attract quality talent. Don’t get me wrong, new business is great! But you need to make sure you have a full team in place to support your customer base.

Here are 6 ideas you can implement on your website to get potential applicants excited about applying for your open positions and working with the rest of your team!

1) Share Employee Testimonials

It’s easy for any company to say they’re great to work for, but any job seeker will be a bit nervous about committing to a new organization without knowing what they’re really getting themselves in to. Put their minds at ease by sharing testimonials direct from your employees!

This will help showcase:

  • The personality of your team
  • Perks about working for your company
  • Real life feedback

2) Leverage Images & Video

The old saying is true, a photo is worth a thousand words (and a video is worth millions)! While reading up on your company is helpful, leveraging photos and video of your team will give potential applicants an inside look at your company culture. These definitely don’t need to be anything formal, usually the more candid the better! If you’d like something more “formal,” a professionally edited video would be the perfect touch.

By incorporating more graphics throughout your Careers page(s), you’ll be able to:

  • Easily engage with applicants
  • Highlight a variety of company activities or spaces
  • Further differentiate yourself from other companies

3) Get Local

In many cases, applicants will be relocating to work with your team. That’s a big deal! With such an important life decision on the line, it can be helpful to talk about your city and the surrounding community. Why is it such a great place to live? What do people do for fun?

By sharing details about life in your city, you’ll be able to:

  • Get applicants excited about the prospect of moving
  • Combat any doubts about the position being worth relocating for
  • Show the passion your team has for the community

4) Highlight Company Benefits

This one seems like a given, most organizations already talk about their company benefits. But how are you currently presenting this information? It’s important to make this section of your website approachable and easy to skim. Design is key!

By cleanly organizing your company benefits within an attractive design, prospective applicants will be able to quickly understand why your benefits are worth talking about.

5) Share Your Vision

Quality talent will be doing their research to learn more about what your company does. That can be a lot of information to take in! Within your Careers section, make sure your central mission and/or vision is clear. A vision for the future is what unites people and motivates them to do their best work.

By featuring your company vision on your Careers page, you will be:

  • Making it clear what your company stands for
  • Qualifying that applicants support this vision
  • Reinforcing your company culture

6) Posting Open Positions

It’s not uncommon to see an HR contact or third party link for applicants to reference once they’re ready to take the next step and apply. While there is nothing wrong with managing your application process in this way (assuming it’s working well for you), it is still important to give prospects an idea of what you’re currently looking for. Having a list of openings with a brief description is enough to take general interest in your company to the next level- interest in a specific position. You want quality talent to say, “that’s the job for me!”

By listing current openings on your website, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate more interest around your company’s current talent needs
  • Showcase important details about the position before applicants dive in to a full description


Next Steps Towards Better Recruitment

When you combine the content ideas discussed in this post, you’ll walk away with an all-inclusive Careers page that engages with quality talent from the start. Your website is more than a tool for bringing in new business. It’s a space to qualify your organization as a place people want to work. Incorporating the right content with a design that speaks to your brand will help build excitement and encourage potential applicants to take the next step.