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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
March 24, 2015

I'm New Here

Terry Wesolek
I'm New Here

Hi I’m Terry, I’m new here. Well not to the internet, but to Powderkeg. Feel free to checkout my bio on our Team Page.

Last week was my first week as Powderkeg’s newest Customer Support Representative. I spent most of my week learning the systems and processes behind Powderkeg’s doors. No, we don’t hide out in the basement and write code; 90’s movies gave programmers a really bad wrap. The office is bright and open, plus it even has a chalkboard wall where we can all get the creative juice flowing, but the best part is James makes cookies on Fridays.

Over my first week, I learned Powderkeg’s internal flow, how information moves through the company from sales to design, development, and then to support. Powderkeg’s customer first philosophy was reinforced throughout every training session and one on one I had with coworkers. Putting the customer first is more than just a meeting room callout at Powderkeg, it is the way we do business.

The team I get the pleasure of working with is full of smart, ambitious people who genuinely enjoy what they do and I am proud to call myself one of them.