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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
March 16, 2016

Lucky Charms Aren't Just Breakfast Cereal

Lucky Charms Aren't Just Breakfast Cereal

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you this week!

Everyone has something that they feel brings good luck.  There are of course the traditional four-leaf clovers, a rabbit’s foot, or horse shoe.  But ain’t nobody got time to find the genuine article!  Instead, do you have a troll doll that needs to be rubbed on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, or lucky shoes that help you bust a move?  Are there any rituals or saying that have brought you success?  Some professional athletes don’t wash their dainty items for an entire season in the belief if will help them win…gross.

With St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, the folks at Powderkeg wanted to let you know what keeps our staff feeling great and finding luck in our everyday lives.  What is yours?



My family tradition… is to say “Rabbit, Rabbit!” on the first of every month (they should be the first words out of your mouth that day).  If test you remember, you’ll have extra good luck the whole month!”


James is more of a “make your own luck” kind of guy.  However, he wanted to share the words of wisdom that helps him produce his own luck in life.

“The hardest part is always getting started.  Something changes after you put your first foot forward.  Those challenges that you had built up in your mind before become less significant.  Once you have started and began making progress, the burden of fear is often lifted, and your goal becomes more achievable.”


“In high-school I was full of bad luck with driving, getting into three accidents (not my fault, and thankfully no one was ever hurt) and two tickets (totally my fault).  A friend of mine gave me a good luck charm for protection when she visited Japan in our junior year, and I *knock on wood* have been ticket and accident free for over a decade (no need to get into exact years).  I will always keep it in my car.”


“My desk space heater, and a picture of my fiance and my dog.  The space heater keeps my hands nice and toasty in the winter to keep my coding game on-point, but my lady keeps my heart warm all year ’round.”


“If I had to name something it would have to be RedBull. Pretty much if I don’t have an energy drink, my day is thrown off and nothing works right.”



“…my St. Louis Cardinals mug. It serves a constant reminder of which team is the best in the NL Central, which is important when surrounded by Brewers fans. It also holds coffee, something I can never go a day without.”



“I used to have a lucky rock (a smooth flat one) back in the day (middle school) but I dropped it and it broke. SO, obviously it wasn’t lucky anymore. I guess it ran its course.”



My daily afternoon walk.  The fresh air and boost of energy that I get from a quick 10 minute walk helps me push through the afternoon.  I don’t know how I would survive the work day without it!”




“Not sure if this is a good luck charm, but it’s definitely a ritual.  I always put my socks on with the left foot first.  You could say that my day could get off on the wrong foot if I changed my routine…”



“Whenever I watch my football team play on TV (Minn. Vikings) I stand for the entire game and only sit down during commercials. It does not work though, so it’s more just annoying to our dog and my wife won’t watch football with me anymore as it just pisses her off.”

It’s OK Kevin… not much can help the Vikings…



“When I fly, I always wear the same shirt that my sister got me. It has gone on so long that part of me does think we will crash if I don’t wear it.”



“My lucky charm is my wife because she is always right and perfect in every way and I know blue skies are ahead when she is around.
.. And Fireball.”