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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
April 15, 2020

Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no longer business as usual.

In the midst of this humanitarian and economic crisis, us marketing people have to be agile with our strategy and adapt to the changing landscape. The audience you are marketing to is distracted personally, professionally, or likely both.

This means that in the short term you will need to change your approach a bit, and respect the fact that what you are trying to promote might not be a top priority for them.

Here are some ways you can be a better marketer right now:

Focus on Helping, Not Selling

Your organization’s role is to be the expert in your given industry. Your customers and prospects turn to you to learn how to best navigate your specific area of expertise. Thinking about ways that your customers might be needing your expertise in this time of crisis can guide you to develop content that helps, not just sells.

Keep People Informed

During times of extreme uncertainty or natural disasters, marketing can also play the role of keeping your current customers informed of your business operations. Updating your website or doing an email campaign to inform customers of changes to your services is a nice way of showing that you are responsive to their potential needs.

Build Trust and Relationships

When this over, and it will eventually end, your goal is to be left with customers and prospects who trust your brand. Using this time to build relationships through thoughtful marketing, educational content, and community building, will allow your organization to bounce back stronger than ever when the world gets back to “normal.”

Marketing is all about helping people reach their desired change. To show them a path of how to get from point A to point B. This is a time of extreme change, and an opportunity for you to be impactful in your small part of the world.