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Meet Ari: New Web Developer

August 30, 2017

¡Hola! My name is Arely (I also go by Ari) and I am a new addition to the amazing web development team here at Powderkeg. I am excited to be here to share my knowledge and skills to create powerful, visually appealing websites for our clients.

I came all the way from New Mexico to develop my career as a web developer in Madison. I have a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. The STEM field is something I have always been interested in.

From middle school to high school I was a member of M.E.S.A. Club (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) where I competed against other schools from across the state on the robotics team. This club is what encouraged me to go to college for a Math and CS degree. During college, being an alumni for the club, I would mentor middle/high school students competing in the regionals and championships. During the competitions, I would volunteer as a judge as well.

I would teach my students discrete mathematics, logic, and basic computer science code. I aimed my best to get students interested in STEM as much as possible.

Now in Madison, I volunteer to teach high school students about Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin during summer camps/seminars.

When I am not totally geeking out on code and math, I play video/board games, draw, and read comic books. I am excited to be a part of the Powderkeg team, and I look forward to all of my future accomplishments here!

Web Developer

Arely is a web developer from New Mexico with a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. She’s sort of a superhero when it comes to problem solving — give her a development challenge and she’ll give your users the best web experience possible and make it look pretty, too. Arely has helped develop sites for popular restaurants and major events around Madison, and enjoys working on projects of any size.