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Madison, Wisconsin
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March 18, 2013

MYO Unleashes Your Inner Jedi

MYO Unleashes Your Inner Jedi

Every once in a while when scrolling through the endless pages of the web, you come across something pretty nifty. Recently I did just that!

MYO What?

two_ringsMYO a gesture control device, if all holds true, really will unleash your inner Jedi. Now wait a second, a gesture control what a what? As defined by the ever so helpful wikipedia, a gesture control or (recognition) device  “is a topic in computer science and language technology with the goal of interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithms.”

So maybe that didn’t help as much… basically it is a device that allows you to wave your hand to scroll through webpages, use your finger as a power point laser, or snap your finger to take an instant picture (via instagram of course)! It’s almost like something from Avatar, the Jetsons or all those other sci-fi films with the mind-blowing technologies that we dream of.

How does it work?

It’s advanced, that is for sure. Not only did it take a team of computer techies to develop it, it also took a handful of people that love Myology (study of muscles). Why? Because this device wraps comfortable around your forearm and the sensors inside the device measure movement and the electrical activity inside your muscles, which results in a seamless way to interact with computers and the digital world. Essentially, it is a really advanced computer mouse for all devices!

What does it mean?

As we find new and better ways to interact with the digital world, this device opens up a whole new way to do so. On top of that, they have an open API so all developers can build applications to work with it and create amazing new features for existing and future applications. There is no doubt that this device will arrive with its flaws much like all new technologies but for a starting price tag of $149, a late 2013 ship date and whole lot of years to come, I am sure it will be an industry changer.

Check it out for yourself on their snazzy website and be sure to watch the awesome promotional video!