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Camping for the Fun of It

Camping for the Fun of It

The goal of “Camping For The Fun Of It” is to provide campers and visitors with a campground facility that is family oriented, kid friendly, safe and well maintained. The visionary behind the brand is Bud Styer, and his requests for the website were two fold. One – to provide a platform to position the CFTFOI brand so other campsite owners would be interested in the certification; Two – establish a brand that would become noticeable to the camping public as “the” place to have a great family camping experience.

- Member Map Module
- Owner Portal
- Email Campaigns
Project Goals

The website design had to highlight the fun experience of camping while providing the format to explain the certification to prospective campground owners. This was accomplished with fun and powerful visual elements, an integrated mapping module of member locations and a login portal for campsite owner members.