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Fall Art Tour

Fall Art Tour

Fall Art Tour is comprised of a collection of artists in Wisconsin that open their homes and studios up to guests for a weekend in October.  Visitors are a able to gain a unique perspective into the various crafts and mediums that artists use, as well as get the opportunity to interact with the artists directly.

- Custom Map
- Responsive Design
- Attraction Listing
Project Goals

These artists came to Powderkeg in search of a simple and elegant website that would help inform potential guests of what the tour entails.  A mapping function was critical, so that website visitors could quickly find out more information and directions about the artists that are apart of the tour. Additionally, the client was looking for a mobile-friendly website, to help guests that were already out on the tour.

Mobile Artist Listing

For those who were already out on the tour, they can consult the website to find the artists they’d like to visit.

Fall Art Tour

Fall Art Tour

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