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AMA Madison Craft Marketing.

10 Web Marketing Trends for 2020

The world of online marketing moves quickly. With the constant evolution in design trends, technology, social media, and search algorithms, it’s hard to keep track of what you should be doing. In this presentation, James and Elise will show you 10 web marketing trends to watch for in 2020. We’ll review what’s upcoming, and what you can do to respond to the changes.
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Powderkeg Webinar.

Accessibility in Web Design

Website accessibility aims to provide an equal opportunity when it comes to navigating and understanding your website, despite differences in ability. While not all industries require strict accessibility guidelines, focusing on accessibility best practices is key for a high-quality website.

In this webinar, we'll review important areas you can address to ensure your website is accessible by all visitors.
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Powderkeg Webinar.

Planning For A New Website

As a key component of your brand identity and marketing strategy, it's important that you plan ahead for your new website. In this webinar, we'll review some key things to consider as your prepare to design and develop a new website.
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