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Madison, Wisconsin
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Search Engine Optimization

Lets Get You Found With Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Lets Get You Found With Our <pkorange>Search Engine Optimization</pkorange> (SEO) Services

SEO Analysis and Suggestions

Powderkeg offers customized SEO strategies to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and visibility. These services could include a comprehensive analysis of a client’s website, identifying areas of improvement, creating a tailored SEO plan, and implementing the necessary changes to increase traffic and conversions. We can help your business stand out in a highly competitive digital landscape.

We have the in-house knowledge to help you with all aspects of search engine optimization. From basic consultation on the dos and don’ts, to a full overhaul of your website code, we got you covered.

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What can you expect from us during the SEO process?

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is important for SEO success. As part of our SEO analysis, we can look at a grouping of possible keywords for you to optimize for. We’ll rank their competitiveness factor, as well as note the frequency of times they are searched.

Link & Error Analysis

It’s important to ensure that your website content and code are both optimized correctly for search engine indexing. We can take a look at your inbound and outbound link metrics, as well as scan your website for errors.

Action-Oriented Suggestions

Based on our findings of our SEO analysis and consultancy, we’ll help put together a list of actionable steps that you can make to improve your SEO. Some of these items may be development related to your website code, others may pertain more to content or social media strategies that your team can deploy.

Keyword Targeting

Only pay for visitors that are actually interested in your services through keyword targeting. We’ll be able to set up campaigns based on the keywords that visitors are searching, and even build in “negative” keywords, to avoid irrelevant clicks.

Cross-Platform Advertising

Online advertising is a great way to get seen across multiple platforms as well. You’ll be able to select mobile versus desktop searches to target your advertisements.

Landing Page Creation

For specialized campaigns, we can assist our clients by creating unique landing pages on their website. This allows a clear message to be defined upon a visitor clicking an ad, as well as funnel them into filling out a form or taking any other call-to-action that may be relevant.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer online advertising platforms. They have options to help you target your advertisements based on the large number of data points that they collect on their users.

Remarketing Campaigns

Once a visitor has came to your site, you know that you have at least peaked their interest. Using tracking data, you are able to set up an advertising campaign that continues to try and lure a past-visitor back to your site.

Promoted Posts

Boosting social media posts is a great way to share your content with an audience. These custom audiences can be groups of people with certain interests, demographics or already existing fans of your brand.
Molly Kelly
Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) in Wisconsin started working with Powderkeg in 2019 on a project to create a website for our program. The staff were knowledgeable and patient in explaining the development along the way. They were responsive to our requests and suggestions. SMP is very pleased with the website that Powderkeg Web design created. And as updates and tweaks need to be made, the staff continue to be receptive, professional, and to produce quality work.
Molly Kelly
WI Senior Medicare Patrol

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