Apple is notorious for creating awesome pieces of technology … at an expensive price point.  They do a great job of keeping their products designs fresh and innovative.  Announcements of new products are sudden and veiled in secrecy in the months prior.  As a buyer of their products, it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest.

So what’s a consumer to do?  How can you avoid that sinking feeling in your chest after you hear the news of the latest release of an iPhone, after just having two weeks prior spent $300 on the previous version? Luckily, has a great buyers guide to Apple products.

recentreleasesThey have a list of the core Apple products and purchase recommendations for each.  You can see the average amount of days between each release, and subsequently how many days it’s been since the last release.  This will help to let you decide whether or not you should hold out on purchasing and wait for next release or not.

In addition to the estimated release intervals, is a great website for Apple related news.  On the buyer’s guide, they also show a snippet of the latest news for each product, so you can see if there is any talk about a pending release.

  While Apple still likes to play around with product launch dates and intervals, the MacRumors buyers guide is a great tool to help you avoid purchasing an expensive electronic that will be “outdated” a month later.  I highly recommend you check it out before making a purchase.