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June 22, 2022

The Best New Google Fonts in 2022

The Best New Google Fonts in 2022

That’s right, you heard it here first! There’s NEW fonts on Google Fonts and they are sleek, they are cool, and they are sexy.

Google Fonts keeps on pumping out new fonts all the time, yet only the greats such as Oswald, Playfair Display, and Merriweather get talked about year after year after year. Yes, those are great and if you go to Google Fonts you will see these near the top of the list thanks to their default Popular sorting feature.

But hey, those fonts have been in the spotlight for a long time. Bloggers everywhere constantly talk about them. Everyone, from my grandmother to John knows about how great Montserrat is. That’s so 2018. Let’s talk about the new greats!

*Yes, our site is using Montserrat font, it’s still great and I still love it, let’s just move on shall we.



Urbanist Font

The Urbanist Font is a great example of a modern and beautiful grotesque font. With 18 styles (9 font weights and accompanying italics), this font is highly versatile! The character spacing is tight and the x-height is high, making it a bold and excellent choice for headers. With some character spacing it makes a decent body font as well.

Some are saying this font will end the reign of Montserrat and stop it’s lesser-known jealous cousin (Jost) from taking the throne. Is this true? Only time will tell… For now let us just enjoy how beautiful Urbanist Font is.

Download Urbanist Font



Meow Font

A script font that is free and looks good? That’s right, alert the media! This font was just released on google fonts in December 2021 so it is fresh off the press (font puns!).

The Meow Font is very low contrast font with just the right amount of embellishments that makes it truly look like a real person with a nice ballpoint pen wrote it. Although it has only one font-weight available its still readable at a surprising amount of sizes. It’s not too cute or sophisticated and just rides that nice balance to between being friendly but professional.

This font is quickly becoming by go to script font when I need that human element added to a design. The fact that it has an adorable name is a bonus.

Download Meow Font



Fraunces Font

The first time I saw this font, I said “ok, sure that’s a nice normal looking serif font with a lot styles and weights, I’ll give it a try. After all it looks like a fun alternative to the much loved Playfair Display font.

That original thought was true! Fraunces is a beautiful and nice alternative to the much overused Playfair Display font, but this font is so much more than just that. A handful of letters (f, j, n, m, s, v) deviate from the normal with unexpected curves and slants adding personality even to the thinest of weights. The heavier weights start adding in more curves and contrast in a way that makes this font become an instant eye catcher.

Fraunces is also a variable font which is another bonus. As with most of variable fonts, I was expecting to see common adjusters for weight, slant, softness, etc. But Fraunces is the only variable font that I know of to have a Wonky Axis to control the “wonky” aspects of this font.

Modern, bold, and filled with personality Fraunces Font is truly a unique font that stands out from all the other serif fonts out there.

Download Fraunces Font



Anybody Font Family

The Anybody Font (which when said out loud sounds like “antibody” which I blame on a certain world wide virus) is a full fledge sans-serif font family! It comes with 8 fonts with different levels of condensed and expanded. Each of those come with different weights and italics! What an absolute beast of a font-family!

The normal Antibody Anybody font style is fantastic by its own right. As a nice geometric with a constant thickness and high x-axis, it makes a for a beautiful and bold header font. With all the different styles and weights this font family can be used for many styles of design and applications.

Download Anybody Font Family

Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe

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