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Madison, Wisconsin
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February 9, 2016

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day:  The one day of the year that has become less heart-felt and more hassle.  A two-hour wait at a restaurant? I don’t think so.  Here in the Madison we are fun, creative people that don’t need to stick to the traditional over-priced dinner, over-priced flowers, and over-priced… well… everything!  Whether you are in a committed relationship with the love of your life, a best friend, or your PS4, there’s no reason to have a boring or expensive day of love.  Without further ado, here are a few ideas from our office to you…


No gifts

That’s right, no gifts! One – it obviously saves money.  Two –  if you want to express your love for another person this is an opportunity to really show them by doing something unique instead of picking up the last-minute stuffed animal and chocolates at Walgreens.  Heck, make a card with crayons and glitter, it doesn’t matter!  This day is about the two of you, not a competition on who gives the best gift.


Be your own restaurant

For the love of sanity, don’t try to venture out into the wilderness of Madison restaurants for a romantic night out. It will most likely end up in frustration from big crowds and a long wait for food.  Instead, try making dinner together.  Make a game out of it!  You each cook something different, then have your tasting over a good movie.  If you really want to be fancy, go for that top shelf wine at the store or get some exotic groceries.


Pick your own Valentine’s Day

If you really want to do the flowers, the dinner, the whole shebang (that’s a technical term), choose a different day in February to celebrate. The week after Valentines will not only result in less restaurant craziness, but flowers will be cheaper and chocolate boxes will be discounted.  I call that a win.


Be a tourist in your own town

I don’t know about you, but even though I grew up in and around Madison there are plenty of things that I have never done. Go to a touristy website and find fun things to do in your hometown or nearby.  Does New Glarus have brewery tours?  If there’s snow, want to go sledding?  Get some Ice cream at Bascom Hall then go explore the Capitol.  The options are endless!


Game Night

Whether it’s video games, board games, or “adult” games, try something new that you both can have fun with. Make a trophy for the winner; Monopoly Master, Call of Duty Commander, or anything that will bring out your fun and playful side. 🙂


Do you Wanna build a Snowman?

Let’s face it; there will most likely still be snow on the ground on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it!  Build a snowman or a castle.  Surprise your better-half with two piles of snowballs and have an epic battle.  End the night with some hot cocoa on the couch, or maybe Netfilx and chill to warm you up from the cold.


Don’t need no man/woman

If you don’t have a significant other on Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day with yourself or a friend. Go to the spa, make dinner with a friend (or by yourself because you’re fabulous anyway), go to the movies and throw popcorn at the obnoxious teenagers making out, or eat a whole box of chocolates (because why not)!  My personal favorite: make (or buy if you’re lazy) a cookie cake, order some Chinese Takeout, and watch slasher movies until the wee-hours.  “DON’T GO IN THERE YOU IDIOT!”


We hoped this has sparked your creative side to have a memorable Valentine’s day in 2016.  Just one last piece of advice before you go…  NO ONE likes those gross candy hearts.