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We Love Resource Libraries!

March 24, 2017

One of my favorite things to design for our clients are Resource Libraries! It may not sound too thrilling design–wise, but I really welcome the logistical and organizational challenges of creating them. They’re excellent if your company has a lot of materials you want to offer your visitors, but need help organizing and delivering those resources. For example, they’re perfect for product brochures, spec sheets, helpful links, videos, frequently asked questions, and the list goes on.

Here’s a look at some of the recent one’s we’ve built for our clients.



Agrace – Caregiver Education Resource Library

Agrace is a hospice and palliative care organization. They also provide resources and help to Caregivers, whom this page is crafted for. Since care giving can be extremely stressful, visitors are likely coming to this page in a somewhat distressed state. Because of that, we aimed to make this page appear comforting, really easy to understand, and most of all – useful.

See it in action

Agrace - Caregiver Education Resource Library



Resource Library

This one is not finished quite yet, logos have been blurred to protect the innocent 🙂 A super clean look using simple boxes and clear icons made this resource library immediately easy to understand and navigate.

Resource Library



ARC – Installation & Resource Library

This particular library has many, many different assets we had to include. Definitely a challenge – check out the page to see how long it is! Not only do they have these spec sheets, they have many more resources underneath their Installation & Resources section.

See it in action

ARC - Installation & Resource Library



Badger Corrugating – Resource Library

Vendors and end-users alike can visit this resource library to find documents relating to their products. The filters and search bar on the right-hand side make it easy to get what you need.

See it in action

Badger Corrugating - Resource Library



Concentric Energy Advisors – Case Study Library

Case Studies are also very common in resource libraries! CEA had a ton of these that they need to include on their website and you can filter them down by category, industry, and keyword. Their website also has a library for their publications.

See it in action

Concentric Energy Advisors - Case Study Library



Axley – Practice Area Page

This one isn’t your traditional resource library, per se. However, each Practice Area page on this website pulls in a ton of different information from other areas of the website. On here, we see Attorneys, Client Successes, and Insights (articles). This was quite an exercise in linking and tagging and categorizing so that all the information someone might need was readily accessible from this page. Their attorney bio pages do something similar, as well.

See it in action

Axley - Practice Area Page



Those are just a few of the resource libraries we’ve worked on recently. Hope you enjoyed seeing them!

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