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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
January 31, 2018

Web Design Inspired by Amazon Go

Web Design Inspired by Amazon Go

Madison, Wisconsin does not have an Amazon Go, and likely will not for some time. But that doesn’t mean that your web presence should not emulate it.

In today’s society, attention spans seem to last just a few seconds. Patience, even shorter. Amazon Go arrives delivering exactly what we all have been itching for, instant gratification. Exactly what you want, placed right in front of you, with no wait time.

Why should your business, and just as importantly, web presence, even consider taking a different approach? Think about this for a second… in our personal lives, if something is not conveniently placed at our fingertips what do we do? Put it off, or blow it off entirely.

Okay, maybe that is a little harsh… but is it? Think about it the next time you are clicking around the internet looking for a new farm to table, juice cleanse subscription, how long are you going to dig through someone’s content to find it.

And this is why you need to steal the business plan and research that the big dog, Amazon, has put into Amazon Go, and apply it to your business, and web presence. Don’t make your visitors do anything you wouldn’t do. Place what they want right in front of them. Keep things simple. Organized. Clean. Instant. If you can accomplish this they will come back. Wouldn’t you?

Here are a few recommendations about how you can accomplish this, from our team at Powderkeg:

Scanability – Big walls of text deter visitors and are hard to ingest. Sure, some visitors might read every word on your site, but everyone who lands on your site will scan what is in front of them. The more simple and concise you can be, the more visitors will gain before their attention span expires.

Clear Call to Actions – After you have made it clear what your purpose is in the World Wide Web, you need to guide your visitors through your content. Call to Actions are the express lanes to what matters. Make sure that your CTAs provide instant gratification, and do not lead to dead ends. If your CTAs lead to dead ends you are giving your visitors the boot, let them walk out the door on their own after taking what they want.

Navigability –  Visitors are not intuitively going to know where to go when they visit your site, and they are not going to try and figure it out for long. It is important to be creative and stand out, but some things don’t need to change. Site visitors are used to an industry standard in web design. They want to see how you are unique, but they don’t want to get stumped by your counter-intuitive web navigation. A thoughtfully laid out header menu with subcategories, is the first places they will look when navigating, so make sure that what is most important is right where it should be.

Mobile Friendliness – A website that is not mobile responsive dates your business and reduces your number of exposures. Increasingly more web visitors are arriving via their mobile device. If your website is not built to accommodate the screen sizes of these devices, not only will the visual aesthetic be jeopardized, but so will the length of stay, and the content that your visitors are exposed to. Mobile compatibility and responsiveness is a feature that needs to be stressed throughout the design and development process. If done correctly, mobile compatibility will increase your businesses visibility.