When people think about planning for when they’re gone, they usually think of the usual things such as their will. In today’s world, your digital afterlife is something you may want to think about, according to Google anyway.

Google has launched a new tool called Inactive Account Manager which will let you tell them what to do with your accounts for Gmail, Google+, Blogger, Drive, Picasa, Youtube, etc.

The new Inactive Account Manager will let you set up your account to only be inactive for a certain amount of time (ie: 6 months, 1 year, etc). After that amount of time has passed with no activity, Google will either delete all your data or send the login information to a trusted friend or family member that you picked ahead of time.

Of course they will warn you first, via text message,  in case you are, you know… STILL ALIVE!

I am just glad to know that when I die, my family will not need to know how many countless hours I wasted watching stupid Youtube videos.