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Madison, Wisconsin
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November 10, 2014

Why Does My Business Need Social Media?

Why Does My Business Need Social Media?

This may be a question you have asked yourself or your web company in the past. Your company absolutely needs social media! In this article we will talk about some of the most important reasons why.

Brand Awareness

Most companies recognize that brand awareness is important. If customers do not know your brand exists, then they will simply not use you. Customers are much more likely to use a service they are familiar with. The amount of people using social media is incredible, you can trust that your customers and peers are on it. Customers are more willing to spend more with companies they believe deliver great service, 1 in 5 Americans have used social media to get a customer service response at least once in the last year. Additionally, on average, users tell 42 people on social media about good experience they had with companies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google’s main goal is to provide users with the BEST results possible. They realize that if people on social media are willing to like your page and share your posts, then the content is probably very good. The obvious next step for Google was to start giving social media more and more influence on their search results. The math is simple, more followers, more shares equals better search engine rankings. Of course just creating a social media page won’t help much, You need to give users a reason to follow and share your brand. This means providing them value by creating good content and customer service.


Social media has made it easy to obtain VERY targeted advertising. With users being so willing to share their information, it makes it very easy to pin-point the exact customers you wish to get in front of. You can define anything from age and gender all the way down to a users charitable contribution history, job title, and more.

Customer Connection

Developing a connection with your customers is a great way to develop customer loyalty. Customer loyalty can obviously benefit your company in multiple ways, mainly: repeat business and referrals. Use social media as a way to humanize your brand. Allow customers to connect with your brand on a deeper level. It is also a great tool to instantly deal with problems customers may have with your product or service. As mentioned above, customers are willing to spend more money with companies who provide great customer service.


Dylan Thompson

Dylan Thompson