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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
September 14, 2022

The Pets of Powderkeg

The Pets of Powderkeg

Knowing that the internet could always use more content about dogs & cats, the team at Powderkeg Web Design took a few moments to share some photos and insights about their four-legged friends.



“Mr. Boh Bohs”  |  Nick’s Dog  |  10 years old  |  Mutt ( black lab/boxer)

Based on a book character. A mystical, magical Druid in a 24 book series.




“Ru”  |  Tim’s Cat  |  13 Years Old  |  Russian Blue Cat

Ru is an adventure cat and loves to go on vacation with us. Especially places where she can roam safely and freely in the brush.




“Ophie the Loafie”  |  Matt’s Cat  |  6 years old  |  Calico

Ophie is a very strange and very hungry cat. We actually have to hide most of our food in the fridge, cupboards, and pantry to keep her from eating everything out in the open. So far she has eaten our tomatoes, apples, oatmeal, bread, green peas, green beans and corn on the cob (she shucked it all herself). We feed her ~2lbs of green beans a week to keep her appetite and diet under control.




“Torpedo”  |  John’s Dog  |  5 years old  |  Golden Retriever

Lido cannot be stopped from jumping in any body of water. It could be a lake, a stream, or a kiddy pool. We once had to pull him out of a hot tub while walking him around the neighborhood.




Dylan’s Dog  |  10 Month Old  |  Pug

Named after the legend himself John Madden. We got him the same day John Madden sadly passed away so as a tribute we named him accordingly.




“Dempser Doo, Demps, Dooz, The Boy”  |  Annika’s Dog  |  4 Years Old  | Golden Retriever

This heavyweight, race car driving, boxer, actor dog is named after Patrick and Jack…. Just kidding, Dempsey is a family name

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John Ehrlinger

John Ehrlinger

Account Manager