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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
August 30, 2016

Who can help with content creation?

Who can help with content creation?

One of the top problems we see our clients facing is a lack of content. Blog articles, white papers, social media posts, etc. It takes a good chunk of our most valuable resource, time, to keep the content flowing on your digital marketing platforms. But there is hope though… your coworkers.

I always advise clients to not let content creation be the sole burden of one employee. Just because you are the person managing your website, or in charge of your digital strategy, doesn’t mean you are the only one that can contribute to your inbound effort. Share the load. Other parts of your business can help by providing a unique perspective and material.

Marketing Department – Your marketing team knows your brand and messaging. They are usually well equipped with knowledge of the platforms that enable you to reach your audience. Rely on their knowledge to help create content that has your company “voice”, as well as content that is part of a larger marketing campaign effort.

Sales Department – The sales people in your business have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening with your customer base. They are a great resource for creating content that relates to relevant questions and concerns that your customers are asking. They can also help you narrow down content that might resonate with your prospects.

Executive Team – Sit around the fire, and listen to the stories of the past. The leadership in your organization is a great place to get wisdom about how your industry landscape has changed overtime. They also have a nearly unlimited amount of anecdotes on how your business has helped customers in the past.

Operations Department – Your ops team is comprised of your company’s industry experts. These are the people in your organization that know the nitty-gritty processes that are involved in the creation of your product or service. When you are in need of in-depth content relating your industry or process, turn to your operations team.

Accounting Department – Your accountants are very good at questioning the invoice from your web design company… Kidding aside – these folks offer a different perspective on your digital marketing efforts. They are great to bounce ideas off of, especially if you’re a B2B company, and your prospect’s accounting departments are involved in your selling process.

IT Department – Your IT team has a good understanding of the tools of your organization. Their role places them in a position where they are cross-departmental, implementing solutions to make your business run smoothly. They can be a good resource to tap when looking for content on how your organization is improving, or internal implementations that are being conducted that will affect your customers.