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Madison, Wisconsin
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May 3, 2019

Why You Should Try YouTube Ads In 2019

Why You Should Try YouTube Ads In 2019

Eagan HeathFor my latest Tidbit Tuesday I sat down with Eagan, the founder of Get Found Madison, to discuss YouTube Ads. Eagan specializes in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, so I was excited to hear his thoughts on YouTube as a platform for digital advertising. Here is a summary of our conversation but you can check out the full video here or down below.

Why are YouTube Ads a powerful tool for small and medium-sized businesses?

People in every age group are using this platform, even the 75+ demographic. This is where the attention is and you have the ability to target more specific audiences (discussed below).

What makes a good YouTube Ad?

You should be making your ads specifically for YouTube. In terms of length, 30 seconds to 1 minute is best but more importantly you should get to the point within the first 5 seconds. This will allow you to grab the attention of relevant viewers before they are given the option to skip the rest of the ad while also weeding out those that are less qualified.

Where are YouTube Ads set up?

The campaigns will actually be created within your Google Ads account. If you are already using Google Ads, there will be similarities in terms of setup and targeting options.

What targeting methods should be used?

Remarketing should be the first form of targeting used. This will target users that have been to your website and is a great opportunity to stay top-of-mind. In many cases, people need to see something 7 times before they make a decision. This can be done by connecting Google Analytics to Google Ads. Another valuable targeting method would be using browsing specific behavior, such as visits to a competitor’s site or specific searches.

How are ads priced?

There are different ads you can run, the most common including the skip option after 5 seconds of viewing. Those ads are being charged based on whether or not users are making it to the 30 second mark; or for shorter ads, watching the full video. In terms of the actual cost per view, it is much lower than other pay-per-click ads, likely around the $0.05 – $0.10 range. That makes YouTube a great platform for brand awareness and direct marketing (which should include value added call-to-actions).

What is the most important tidbit to take away from this discussion?

If you don’t test YouTube Ads in 2019, you’re missing out. The cost per click is the lowest it will ever be and if you wait another year or two, the cost is only going to increase.