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10 Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine

January 12, 2021

You can get more leads from your website! In today’s economic environment, sales and marketing teams have to do more with less. This means it’s critically important that you leverage digital assets like your website.

With the right strategy, your website has the potential to be a significant source of lead generation for your business or organization. You can attract more people to your brand, provide valuable resources to your sales team, and encourage visitors to connect with appropriate calls to action.

10 ways to turn your website into a lead generation machine:

  1. Answer the Questions – We’ve all become accustomed to “asking” Google questions to solve our everyday problems. Having the answers to your common industry questions and solutions on your website can raise your search engine visibility significantly.
  2. Create a Guided Journey – Your website should provide visitors with a clear path to the information they need. This can be supported by keeping your main menu simple, incorporating white space within your page layouts, strategically cross-linking related content, and making calls to action obvious.
  3. Tell Your Story – Everyone loves a good story. Your website provides a spot for you to build a narrative for who you are, who you help, and how you help them. Including personal elements like pictures, stories, video, etc., makes your story even more powerful.
  4. Watch Your Language – It can be easy to alienate your audience by using industry jargon and generic calls to action. Be sure to keep your ideal customer in mind, presenting their goals and needs with their own words.
  5. Provide Social Proof – As the social creatures that we are, having social proof on your website can increase your conversion rates. Having testimonials and case studies can provide valuable social trust, and increase your lead generation. In addition, positive Google reviews can encourage clicks and improve rankings.
  6. Be a Resource – By providing value at each stage of the buyer’s journey, you’ll increase your online visibility and credibility. A resource library is a great way to share industry insights, guides, and thought leadership.
  7. Encourage Soft Conversions – Even if a website visitor is not ready to buy, you can still convert them to an identifiable lead through a soft conversion. Having downloadable guides, webinar signups, and email newsletters can provide a way to engage with a prospect higher up in the sales funnel.
  8. Say Thank You – Any time a visitor submits a form, you have the opportunity to engage with them further. Creating a unique Thank You page can help differentiate your brand and provide additional value.
  9. Track and Remarket – By adding tracking scripts and setting up remarketing campaigns, you can recapture leads and send them back to your website. This is a great way to keep prospects engaged, especially in industries with a long sales cycle.
  10. Leverage Custom Landing Pages – When running campaigns, be sure to make your landing page(s) as targeted as possible. Focusing on content that directly relates to your campaign message and target audience will help you create a strong marketing funnel.
Sales and Marketing Director

James is our Sales Director on the Powderkeg team. He has over 15 years of experience in website management and administration. He has created multiple hobby websites, some of which he monetized through SEO and content building. He wrote the book, The Inbound Advantage, which provides fundamentals of a digital sales strategy.