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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design
June 17, 2020

5 Ways To Leverage Your Website as a Sales Tool

5 Ways To Leverage Your Website as a Sales Tool

When leveraged correctly, your company’s website should actively support and empower your sales team’s efforts. Below you will find 5 ways to maximize your website’s selling power and arm your team with the resources they need to be successful.

1) Generate Warm Leads with Lead Magnets

While having a contact form on your website is a great way to keep communication lines open for general inquiries, your team can take lead generation one step further. By creating a “lead magnet” and sharing it on your website, you’ll be able to provide your sales team with warm leads and a purposeful reason to follow up!

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a unique resource that offers immediate value offered in exchange for contact information. Here is an example direct from the Powderkeg team:

New Website Planning Guide Screenshot

We provide a detailed handout for marketing teams to fill out as they begin the new website planning process via our New Website Planning Guide. Through this resource alone, we were able to double our new website leads in 2019.

Lead magnets are so successful because they allow you to:

  • Reach prospects that are not ready to buy
  • Offer immediate value
  • Introduce your brand
  • Build trust
  • Initiate a meaningful conversation

2) Qualify Your Offerings via Case Studies

Explaining your products or services is one thing. Showcasing recent projects or success stories allows you to qualify the value you deliver. This can be done via a Project Gallery or Case Study feature like the example shown below from Pearson Engineering.

Project Gallery Screenshot

When implemented correctly, this section of your website will allow your sales team to:

  • Showcase how you have helped similar customers in the past
  • Highlight the problems you solve
  • Introduce next steps

3) Provide Upfront Value with Online Resources

Rather than cold outreach and impersonal sales pitches, your sales reps can initiate conversations by providing immediate value. However, you need to arm your sales team with the resources needed to be successful in this approach. That is where an online resource library, like the Naviant example below, becomes such an important tool.

Resource Library Example Screenshot

Incorporating a resource library on your website is a great way to organize any documentation your customers need or want. Your sales team may then easily pull specific resources to share with prospects or highlight the fact that your organization prioritizes customer education and support. By successfully implementing this approach, you’ll quickly be able to:

  • Add value to your team’s initial outreach
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Position your organization as an industry expert

4) Humanize Your Brand with Professional Bios

Many organizations will find their “Team” page to be one of the most popular pages on their website. While your sales team may represent your organization well, prospects like knowing who they are going to work with and the team that stands behind them.

Our Team Preview Example

A well designed team page, like the one found on the Filament website, will help prospects:

  • Learn about your team’s expertise
  • Qualify your legitimacy
  • Locate relevant points of contact

5) Send a Cohesive Message

While your sales team may say one thing, the experience prospects have on your website may say another. Rather than contradict any claims about your company’s customer-centric approach, cutting edge technology, or expert knowledge, your website should show these concepts in action. How can this be accomplished?

Responsive & Modern Design

Ensuring your website is easy to use means following best practices. Your prospects are not only comparing your website to competitors, but to every other website they have ever visited. A responsive and modern design will allow prospects to access your website from any device while also making sure your content is displayed in an engaging way. This is what is expected, don’t fall short of these expectations.

Relevant Content

Prospects want to know that you understand their needs. While it may seem relevant to talk in great detail about your products’ latest features or the equipment your service team uses, that may not be the most effective message to send new business. How can you keep your content properly aligned to your ideal customer’s needs?

  • Focus on the problems you are solving
  • Address common questions
  • Minimize industry jargon

What’s Next?

When you combine these techniques with the other items discussed in this post, your sales team will thank you. They will have the resources they need to meet their goals and foster meaningful relationships with potential customers. For more insight on how your website can impact your business, check out these related articles:

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