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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design

Dylan T.

Dylan has been in the web industry for over 20 years, and has experience in a number of areas.  He has designed user-friendly websites, boosted SEO results, planned fully custom CMS systems, executed website promotion strategies, implemented social media techniques, and much more.  He enjoys the process from start to finish, taking your ideas and turning them into an amazing reflection upon your business in the form of an engaging, professional website.  He knows what it takes to get the job finished, and will work hard to assist you throughout the entire process.

When not being a total web nerd, Dylan is a die hard Packer fan. Typically it is a good idea to avoid calling on Mondays if the Packers have lost. He enjoys playing organized softball and football during the week. When it comes to good movies and TV shows, you would be hard pressed to find one he has not seen. Dylan and his wife (sorry ladies) enjoy traveling to new, exciting places a few times a year.
Dylan Thompson
World's Best Boss

Some Q&A with Dylan

Favorite Movie:
Tommy Boy
Passion Beyond Work:
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