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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design

Kevin L.

Kevin has played a role in the Powderkeg division since it’s inception in 2004 when the parent company (Econoprint) started to create websites for their customer base. Kevin is admittedly the least technical member of the Powderkeg team. But, this allows him to be able to explain web concepts to customers in a straightforward way so customers to focus on what they need–not how it will be built. Kevin is extremely lucky to work with such a talented and dedicated web team (that is patient in explaining the technical details) and truly enjoys being in a workplace where he continues to learn something new every day.

When not at work, Kevin enjoys playing competitive sports including softball, hockey, tennis, and golf.  Born in Minnesota, he still clings to the fading hope that one day his Vikings will rise to the top and hoist the superbowl trophy.
Kevin Lucius
Vikings Fan

Some Q&A with Kevin

Number of Fantasy Football Leagues?
Favorite NHL Team?
Chicago Blackhawks
Best Car Ever Made?