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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design

Matt W.

Lead Designer
Matt is a Web Designer whose creative skills have been showcased on projects of every size, from local shops to prominent law firms and beyond. A creative ‘architect,’ the foundation of Matt’s talent is interactive media which gives his site design a polished, well-thought, and personalized feel. Matt’s high-impact work is a valuable addition to the Powderkeg team.

Originally from upstate New York, Matt likes long walks in the wilderness while carrying a lot of weight on his back (kind of like in the office ba dum tsss). Matt spends most of his free time indoors exploring innovation in game development and board games with friends with a good brew.
Matt Wolfe
Board game addict

Some Q&A with Matt

Where is your happy place?
Sitting around a campfire in the Adirondacks
What fad do you hope comes back?
Fanny Packs! So useful. So practical.
Zombie Apocalypse Contingency Plan?
Grab chainmail, chainsaw,
fanny pack and head to Costco