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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design

Arely M.

Web Developer
Arely is a web developer from New Mexico with a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. She’s sort of a superhero when it comes to problem solving — give her a development challenge and she’ll give your users the best web experience possible and make it look pretty, too.

Arely has helped develop sites for popular restaurants and major events around Madison, and enjoys working on projects of any size.

When she’s not developing, you can find her playing boardgames, reading comic books with a good brew, drawing, playing video games and hanging out with her dog Thor.
Arely Miramontes

Some Q&A with Arely

Ultimate goal in life
Make a London Guard laugh one day.
Character Alterego
Have you ever played Spyro YotD? I am a mix between Bianca and Raven from Teen Titans. So basically, Bunny Raven.
Switch bodies for a day with who
Definitely, Ron Swanson.
“You had me at ‘meat tornado’.”