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Madison, Wisconsin
Powderkeg Web Design

Brittany K.

Senior Web Designer
As a child, Brittany would ask her parents for new pens and notebooks instead of toys. You could always find her coloring, making Powerpoint presentations (she didn't know about Adobe programs yet), spending HOURS building houses on the SIMS, or re-arranging her bedroom for the 139th time.

This passion for art and design led her to study Graphic Design and Web & Digital Media Development at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. After college, Brittany moved to Madison, got involved in the local design scene, and soon landed at Powderkeg. She has worked on a wide variety of projects including marketing websites, digital product design, mobile apps, online advertising, and branding. Brittany loves learning every day, especially about website accessibility and best practices.

When not designing client websites, you will find Brittany at home with her husband and toddler twins, coffee and a crochet project close by.
Brittany Kalscheur

Some Q&A with Brittany

Favorite Book:
Harry Potter. All of them. ⚡️
Related to anyone famous?
Taylor Swift. Distantly.
Can't Work Without:
Spotify & Coffee